Feb 15, 2021

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Taller growing grasses have the potential to outcompete turf on sports fields and in parks, especially within lateral growing couch dominant areas. These taller growing species (such as wire grass and paspalum) are usually brought onto the fields through seeds carried on the shoes and clothing of users of the space, and can cause ongoing issues for years to come if not treated correctly.


Grasses such as Wire grass thrive on fields that are not healthy, favouring fields with issues such as overuse and compaction. Not only do they create an unsightly uneven surface, they also increase the requirement for mowing rotations. Mowing blades also do not cut some grasses as well (Wire Grass) resulting in the fields looking messy and unkept.


Technigro’s proprietary technology is a major breakthrough in the control of problem tall weeds in mown areas because many  weeds do not respond to conventional treatment using selective herbicides.

This highly innovative system accurately applies herbicide to problem tall grass weeds in mown surfaces, with a safe, controlled wiping action.

  • Unique sprayless technology uses a wiping action to apply a concentrated dose of Glyphosate to the taller weeds without contacting the underlying surface
  • Computerised ‘no drip’ control of herbicide feed to wiping pad ensures non-target areas are unaffected
  • Uses much less herbicide than other methods, making it environmentally friendly and more economical
  • No chance of spray drift
  • 360° vision and excellent maneuverability makes it extremely safe to use in areas frequented by members of the public


  • Healthier Turf
  • More Aesthetically appealing
  • Reduction in mowing rotations
  • Long Term cost saving on turf maintenance
  • Provides true selective control of problem weeds
  • Computerised ‘no drip’ control ensures no off-target damage
  • Foam markers ensure complete and accurate coverage
  • Precise ‘terrain following’ height control prevents scalping
  • 360 vision and excellent manoeuvrability makes it extremely safe
  • Can be used in multiple situations such as on sport fields, parks and roadsides


Technigro were recently engaged to treat a heavy infestation of Wire Grass at Brisbane City Soccer, Newmarket. The fields were overrun with the weed as a result of minimal weed treatments in the past and compaction issues on the field. Two weed wiping treatments were completed throughout November to kill the Wire Grass before it had a chance to seed. Before and after images can be seen above. Aeration, topdressing and fertilizing in booked in for the coming months to promote growth of the existing (Couch) to fill in the gaps left from the Wire Grass treatment.